Superstar Krishna Becoming Too Choosy?

It is heard that during the peak days of his career, Superstar Krishna used to do any film that comes his way. 

At one point, he used to take part in the shooting of four different films on a single day and he used to have nearly eight to ten releases in an year. But now it looks like he has changed the gears.

According to sources, after his son Mahesh Babu became a superstar he became choosy.

The latest we hear is about producer Bandla Ganesh’s movie starring Ram Charan and Venkatesh. This is being directed by Krishna Vamsi. 

Sources say Superstar Krishna was not convinced with his characterization so he backed out of the project.
While that may be one side to it, some say Superstar Krishna is not desperate for money or doing a film because of his superstar son. 

Going forward, the senior star wants to do quality films and ensure that his image and his son’s image are preserved properly. This is indeed an unexpected twist from superstar Krishna.


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