Glamor doll Anushka rides on Rs.200 crores?

She is dazzling,sensuous,talented and also sexy artist. Actress Anushka is all set to become a legend of her time. Because on par with greats of Bollywood and Telugu film industry the silky siren is shouldering Rs.200 crore investments in films in her name as of now.

So it was in all fitness that PVP Cinemas has rightly recognized the importance of Anushka and gave recognition to her in the due way. A 60 ft huge and colorful cutout of actress Anushka was put up on the eve of the audio release of 'Varna' film on Sunday.

 This is the first time a cutout has been erected for a heroine.That’s the star power of Anushka. Right now Anushka is acting in Rajamouli’s Baahubali and Gunashekar’s Rudramadevi movies.Anushka thus is one of the pillars of the Telugu film industry and broken the myth of male chauvinism ever since her Arundhati has been a block buster .


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